Pioneering Zero Emission Shipping with insetting

3rd of April marks a landmark moment in our journey towards a greener, more sustainable future for maritime transport. During the Connecting Europe Days, we proudly launched the world's first Carbon Insetting Program for Zero Emission Shipping, a major leap forward led by the RH2INE initiative.

In collaboration with Future Proof Shipping (FPS), Zero Emission Services (ZES), and 123Carbon, this program sets a new standard in our industry. Unlike traditional carbon offsetting, carbon insetting directly reduces emissions within our own supply chains, i.e to renewable energy projects, reinforcing our commitment to not just compensate, but actively reduce our carbon footprint.

This initiative is especially crucial for the North Sea - Rhine corridor, promising to revolutionize zero-emission transportation in one of Europe's busiest IWT transport routes. With the combined efforts of regional governments, industry leaders, and our partners, we're not just envisioning a zero-emission future; we're making it a reality.

Jeannette Baljeu, regional minister of the Provincie Zuid-Holland and a driving force behind the RH2INE initiative, emphasized: "Achieving zero emissions is within our reach, with the right support and demand." This sentiment is echoed by our partners who see carbon insetting as a "revolutionary tool" for industry-wide collaboration towards lower emissions.

This initiative offers direct support for zero-emission initiatives, allowing cargo owners to seamlessly reduce their supply chain emissions. It represents a significant step towards decarbonizing inland and short-sea shipping, with the power to change the industry for the better.

We're excited to share more about this journey and the positive impact it will have on our planet. Join us in supporting cleaner shipping practices for a sustainable maritime future.

A big thanks to the Benelux Union, shining example of succesful crossborder cooperation, for hosting this event!

The press release can be downloaded below.



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