Working Visit by Dutch Cabinet in NRW

On 14 November 2023, the Dutch King Willem-Alexander visits North Rhine-Westphalia. The focus of the trip is on various hydrogen projects.

The Netherlands as an Important Partner for the Establishment of an European Hydrogen Economy

During his stay, the King will visit several hydrogen projects together with the State Secretary at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, Hans Vijlbrief and NRW Minister President Hendrik Wüst and Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Mona Neubaur.

The King's delegation, which also includes representatives of 40 Dutch companies, will, among other things, visit the test laboratory for fuel cells in Duisburg, where a test drive in a hydrogen-powered car is on the agenda. A visit to the hybrid hydrogen-powered inland vessel MS Antonie in the port of Duisburg in the context of the presentation of the RH2INE project is also planned.

The Netherlands is considered an important partner for Germany when it comes to the establishment of a cross-border hydrogen infrastructure and future import of hydrogen.



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