Development of a Hydrogen Region in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region and the Central Neckar Region

The projects “H2Rivers” and “H2Rhein-Neckar” are developing the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region and the central Neckar region as a hydrogen region. They are creating a hydrogen ecosystem and implementing hydrogen in the mobility sector.

Both projects have a total investment of about 96 million euros. Within the projects the construction of 5 hydrogen refuelling stations, 1 fueling centre and the procurement of around 180 vehicles will be covered. Among others the e-mobil BW is associated partner of H2Rivers and coordinator of the sister project H2Rhein-Neckar. A subproject is the establishment of the fueling centre "H2 Hub" from Air Liquide. The fueling facility could be suitable to refuel the tanktainers applied by RH2INE projects.

The location of the H2 Hub is only 15-20 minutes away from the port of Mannheim, which has a Container Terminal operated by the company Contargo. The fueling centre was planned to be commissioned in summer 2023.  | Status: Implementation

Innovation Project

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Hydrogen Ecosystem for Mobility Sector

Innovation Project

Project Responsibility:
e-Mobil BW
Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar