MS Antonie

New construction of an inland waterway vessel powered by green hydrogen

MS Antonie is the first inland waterway vessel in the Netherlands to run entirely on green hydrogen. 

The experience gained during the development, construction and commissioning of the MV Antonie will help to assess the feasibility and costs of similar projects in the future. The project is helping to identify which regulations and infrastructure are required for the safe use of hydrogen in inland navigation on a larger scale.

The ship will transport around 3.700 tonnes of salt per trip - the equivalent of around 120 lorries - from Delfzijl to the Botlek factory of Nobian in Rotterdam with zero emissions. Nobian is also the producer of the green hydrogen.

The project is a collaboration between Nedstack, Nobian, Lenten Scheepvaart, Concordia Damen, Energy TransStore and the inland shipping cooperative NPRC and contributes to the realisation of completely emission-free inland shipping.

Hydrogen Powered Inland Vessel

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Hydrogen Powered Inland Vessel

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