Limburg joins RH2INE

Limburg joins RH2INE

Today, deputy Maarten van Gaans-Gijbels (province of Limburg) signed the Letter of Intent to join the RH2INE program in the presence of deputy Jeannette Baljeu (province of South Holland). With this signature, the Province of Limburg officially joins a group of governments that is very active in making inland shipping more sustainable.

Jeannette Baljeu: “With RH2INE we are working on scaling up hydrogen in inland shipping. Limburg is very active when it comes to making inland shipping more sustainable. Limburg's involvement in the RH2INE program is therefore an important impulse for the application of hydrogen in inland shipping and transport. The connection with Blueports Limburg and the inland port project Rhombus is very welcome.”

With the accession, the Province of Limburg underlines its ambition to strengthen the application of hydrogen in the inland shipping transport sector. With its arrival, the group of governments involved within the RH2INE program is steadily expanding, both in the Netherlands and in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Austria.

Deputy van Gaans-Gijbels: “Limburg is centrally located in a network of waterways. Ships can travel from Limburg to the seaports via the Maas and the Albert Canal. The inland ports on this route are very important for the inflow and outflow of goods from companies. Almost all ports are expanding and becoming more sustainable. An important development in sustainability is the realization of the hydrogen infrastructure. With Limburg's participation in RH2INE, we are working on this even more.”